Friday, November 11, 2016

Artist Island

A new year and some new beginnings here at the Islands of Enlightenment.

We have some new students inworld recently to showcase some of their amazing work.  Professor Cannon and her students have put together some amazing artwork for all to see.  This is just a beginning so stay tuned for more work soon!

Art by Max!

Art by Ethan and Max


  1. What an adventure! We certainly have been enlightened! Our Fredonia 8th grade students had an opportunity to step into their own virtual reality world being guided by Professor Wheelock! His tutorials aided us to ease into our space. The computer lab saw electric while the students saw each other moving through the castle via their own avatar. They could interact and confer with each other, build and post their own artwork. When they successfully built an art pillar and displayed their work on it, they were cleared to edit their own avatar which was a whole new and exciting event again! I can't wait to experience this again with my next quarter 8th graders. This time I will have 2 classes! Thank you Professor Wheelock and my administration for allowing me to be a part of this!!

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